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Aluminum Wiring

During the 1960s and 1970s, the electrical systems of many Toronto homes were built using aluminum wiring. At the time, aluminum wiring was a more affordable alternative to copper wiring, however, this type of wiring is not without its problems. At CSG Electric, we’re your trusted aluminum wiring repair experts! Many of our clients turn to us because their home insurance company will not provide adequate coverage of their property due to their property’s aluminum wiring. That’s where the fully certified and WSIB insured electrical contractors at CSG Electric come in.

Why do I need Aluminum Wiring Repair?

If you own an older Toronto home, odds are it was built with aluminum wiring. Although aluminum wiring is relatively safe, many insurance companies will not provide coverage for homes with aluminum wiring, unless their electrical systems are thoroughly inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario. Sometimes, after inspection, you’ll be required to perform aluminum wiring repair to get your home up to code. You might require aluminum wiring repair if you are experiencing:

  • Ongoing issues with flickering lights
  • Warped, discolored, or overheating switch plates
  • Burning plastic odour around switches
  • Smoking and/or sparking emanating from electrical outlets
  • Blown fuses
  • Other common electrical issues

Contact the Aluminum Wiring Pros in Toronto

With decades of experience in the electrical trade, the dedicated team members at CSG Electric have performed hundreds of aluminum wiring repair jobs. We are experts when it comes to aluminum wiring repair and are dedicated to bringing your home’s electrical system up to code. Bring your home up-to-date! Call the licensed electrician in Toronto at CSG Electric today to learn more about why you might need alumni wiring repair. Get in touch with us today to receive a free quotation for your electrical project.

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