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Commercial Electrician Toronto

Commercial Electrician in Toronto – All electrical jobs are important and pose a variety of risks if not performed by a professional. This is especially true when it comes to commercial properties. When you own or manage a commercial property, you must ensure its safety for all employees, customers and to meet the various requirements laid out by your insurance and your local building codes. At CSG Electric, we understand the importance of proper electrical care and can help with new commercial electricity, repairs to electricity and a range of others crucial services, including:

Commercial Splitter Box Installation

Reduce the risks of losing digital connection when you choose a professional commercial electrician in Toronto to install your splitter box. Splitter boxes, which are responsible for ensuring your phone, internet and other devices can run smoothly, are crucial to running a modern business. At CSG we can install, upgrade and replace your splitter box to ensure your business always remains connected.

Retrofit Lightning

Retrofit your old lighting to make it more energy and cost efficient. When you choose a licensed CSG commercial electrician in Toronto for your retrofit needs, you will reduce your hydro bills without sacrificing lighting quality.

Electrical Safety Inspections

CSG offers professional, licensed safety inspections from an experienced commercial electrician in Toronto. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the necessary steps, codes, rules and precautions associated with safety inspections. If you have a renovation, remodel or new construction, contact us to ensure you have the proper items for a quality electrical system.


Electricity, in both new and older buildings, can cause a variety of problems including flickering lights, power surges, tripped circuit breakers and much more. If you are experiencing any difficulties or changes in your electricity, you need an experienced commercial electrician in Toronto from CSG. Our licensed team can quickly and efficiently find and fix the source of your electrical problems to ensure they do not become worse.

Fast Help from Licensed Commercial Electrician in Toronto

At CSG, we know how important it is to have functioning electricity that can keep up with the demands of your business. This is why we work to ensure we handle each problem in as fast and efficient a manner as possible. Known for our speedy service and friendly team members, CSG is here to ensure you not only get your electricity fixed but have a quality experience. For further information or to schedule an onsite consultation, call us at 416-893-9205.

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