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How To Reduce Home Electricity Bill

How To Reduce Home Electricity Bill In Canada?


Whether it is during the summer or winter, you will always consume electricity in your home. If you are looking to reduce home electricity bills, chances are that you have been receiving huge electricity bills. There are many ways of slashing the bills without necessarily decreasing the utility derived from appliances and other uses of electricity in your home. Here’s how you will save on your next electricity bill.

Go Solar

There are both natural and technological ways of using solar energy that is available freely. You can save a lot by taking advantage of the sun’s energy because it is available in most parts of the year.

Installing a solar panel system in your house that harnesses solar energy and converts it into electricity comes in handy. The initial investment in purchasing and installing the solar system may be high, but it will eventually translate to huge savings on electricity bills in the long run. You may also consider using solar energy to naturally warm your house and reduce heating costs every night. You can do this by opening curtains and directing the sunlight to your home. You will also save on daylight lighting my using sunlight.

Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

Little known to most people, leaving your appliances on standby when plugged in the sockets consumes electricity. Electronics such as the computer, microwave and television all continue to expend energy if left plugged in. While you cannot unplug all appliances such as the freezer, ensure that all electronics left idle are unplugged.

Switch To LED Bulbs

Traditional incandescent bulbs, however harmless they seem, consume a significant percentage of electricity. Consider switching to LED bulbs that are energy efficient and are also long-lasting. You can save you up to $100 a year by simply switching to LED.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Thanks to new technologies aiming at increasing energy efficiency, the market now holds appliances that have energy saving models. They are designed to use considerably less power than the older, non-energy conserving models. You can try upgrading your appliances gradually with the energy saving ones. Start by phasing out appliances that consume more electricity. Refrigerators and freezers could be first on your list.

Use A Smart Thermostat

Sometimes you are caught up with your daily duties and end up leaving the thermostat on when no one is at home. These little things do matter when accounting for your electricity bills.

If you have trouble adjusting your thermostat at the right time, you might want to get yourself a programmable thermostat. It automatically sets itself on when you are around and goes off when you are out. That way, you get to use your thermostat only when necessary. Also, setting the right degrees helps conserve electricity. If you set it too high, you spend much power trying to cool your home. Every degree on your thermostat counts.

Bundle up

The winter season is known to be notorious when it comes to electricity consumption mainly because you need to warm up. Most people use appliances such as the furnace system throughout the day and night in winter. You could cut this electricity usage by adding a few layers of blankets in your bed, spread a rug in your bedroom, slipping in a pair of woolen socks and taking a cup of coffee before heading to bed. These simple routines could help you reduce the amount of electricity you use when warming your rooms.

Warm Only The Rooms In Use

There are numerous rooms in your home that have never been in use for ages. Your store area and guest houses that have no occupants do not need heating. Be sure to close all the entrances in those rooms in order to preserve the heat in the rest of the house. By heating only the rooms you use, you cut electricity use that would have been wasted in rooms you don’t use.

Encourage Kids To Use Less Energy

Your kids could be consuming a lot of electricity on electronic gadgets and electronics such as television, computer and phones. Try encouraging them to reduce the use of high-power appliances and turn to other constructive duties. They could help with the house chores, go for outdoor activities such as hiking, play physical games such as chess or scrabble, read books or go to the garden. There is an endless list of alternative things that your kids can do other than spend it all on energy-consuming machines.

You don’t expect to cut down your electricity bills to zero while using these tips discussed above. However, they can go a long way in reducing the bills by up to 50% of your initial consumption. You will be surprised by how much you can save by just employing some of these energy-saving practices. Contact CSG Electric today!


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How To Reduce Home Electricity Bill
How To Reduce Home Electricity Bill In Canada?