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Every commercial business building depends on electricity. Mostly, these buildings are loaded with a lot of appliances, equipment, and other electronics, which makes electricity consumption extremely high. However, it’s not the consumption that worries most business owners. It’s the safety of their premises. This is why knowledge of the best electrical safety inspection tips is vital. 

Electrical safety is a primary concern for every commercial business and residential building owner. It is why electrical safety inspection should be implemented for both business and residential uses. 

Any electrical irregularities in commercial buildings can cause accidents. Electrical hazards are also the root cause of fires, and can also cause shocks and other injuries like electrocution.

Therefore, when it comes to commercial buildings, especially those with a large number of employees, electrical safety is the primary priority. To ensure that those buildings stay safe from electrical problems, you should know the necessary electrical safety inspection tips.

Electrical Safety Inspection: Basic Tips for your Commercial Business

To ensure the electrical safety of your commercial building, follow these safety tips and inspection guidelines.

Electrical Appliances Should be in Perfect Condition

Every commercial building consists of offices filled with a lot of electrical appliances such as computers, air conditioning, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. The more the machines or equipment the building has, the bigger the risk of electrical problems.

With that being said, you should always do a regular electrical safety inspection to avoid any potential electrical problems. Also, you must check all the appliances and identify any faulty electrical wiring, cords, plugs, and switches to replace them. If some machines aren’t in regular use, always switch them off.

Proper Placement of Electrical Cords. 

An important safety tip for commercial businesses is to check your electrical cords. They are used to connect power supply and appliances. Thus, these cords require extra care when used. In most instances, electrical wires are the primary cause of numerous electrical accidents. To avoid potential risks, the best thing to do is to properly position them. Don’t put them anywhere where they will be exposed to busy people. 

It is better to place them around the walls to minimize any chance of electrical accidents. If you put any cords outdoors, you should adequately monitor them and protect them against the weather.

Give Special Attention to Lighting. 

A simple light bulb can do significant damage than most people know. Therefore, they also need special attention. Depending on your commercial building’s lighting systems, you should regularly check and inspect them. 

Take note that faulty lighting can cause electrocution and other electrical dangers. If you think you need to replace your office’s light bulbs, do so. Do not forget to switch off the lighting first.

Proper Equipment Use and Maintenance. 

Employees working in commercial buildings use electricity to do their jobs. Therefore, it is essential to teach them how to use your business’ equipment and machines. 

Another important electrical safety tip is to learn how to utilize and maintain electrical equipment properly. Besides, you should also inform and orient them about the necessary things to do in case of an emergency. By doing this, you can significantly minimize the risk of an electrical fire.

Do Some Research Before You Start to Get to Work. 

Make sure that you and your team are fully aware of all embedded electrical circuits before starting to work. If you are on-site, check and identify where the fuses and all circuit breakers are located. By doing this, if an emergency incident does happen, you can quickly access them.

Always Keep Safety in Mind. 

Don’t allow anyone who is not trained to get involved in any electrical tasks. Also, be sure to always use protective equipment. Wear helmets, eye protection, and other safety gear to prevent accidents. 

These protective tools are a necessary and may save you and others from serious harm and other accidents. Always check if any hazards may be near the working area.

Some Key Components of the Electric Inspection Checklist

As part of our safety inspection tips for a commercial business, we have provided a checklist for you.


When you do a commercial electrical inspection, you should perform tasks like pinpointing transformers. Also, you must ensure that the protection is enough for both primary and secondary conductors. Furthermore, you must take note that each installation area is adequately spaced and receives proper ventilation. 


It is also essential to frequently check and inspect the capacitors. You should include guards and enclosures, overcurrent protection, proper sizing, discharge outlets, etc. It is also crucial to ensure that high-voltage capacitors are correctly identified and grounded. 

Elevators, Escalators, Stairway Chairlifts, and Dumbwaiters

If your commercial business property has any of these transportation components, you must always identify the ratings and coordination of overcorrecting protection.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the proper commercial building electrical safety inspection checklist to safeguard your employees and clients is a multi-pronged process. You must ensure that you strictly follow all the necessary electrical safety requirements to avoid electrical hazards. 

The above electrical safety tips are only some of the measures that a commercial must regularly check. To ascertain that your building is up to standard, and the electrical system is updated, it is essential to contact a professional electrician. Here at CSG electric, we provide electrical safety inspections for commercial business buildings. If you wish to get our service, feel free to contact us at 416 893 9205!

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