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Industrial Electrician Toronto

Industrial Electrician in Toronto – Electricity at an industrial facility is a large and complex job that requires special care especially where large electrical equipment is used. Because of the sheer size of many of these jobs, it takes a trained, skilled and licensed team to complete the work properly. At CSG, our professional and experienced electricians have the know-how to tackle even the largest jobs and most complex troubleshooting for your industrial projects.

We strive to provide an experienced electrician in Toronto for all your electrical, including:

Voltage Substations - High and Medium

As part of our commitment to offering comprehensive services for even the most difficult of jobs, CSG provides assistance with both medium and high voltage substations. These units are important parts of a transmission, distribution and electrical generation system and GSC industrial electrician in Toronto can install, update and repair them quickly and safely.

Industrial Backup Generator Installation

Having a backup generator is an integral part of ensuring your business can withstand a variety of concerns including power outages caused by inclement weather and other scenarios that can affect your ability to run your business. At CSG, our industrial electrician in Toronto understands how important a generator is to your business and we will work with you to choose the one perfect for your property.

Installation of Industrial Electrical Transformers

Electrical transformers give commercial and industrial properties a way to cut high energy bills. It hardly comes as a surprise that large, industrial buildings can be major consumers of electricity and this adds up in monthly bills. Electrical transformers installed by a licensed industrial electrician in Toronto from CSG can help reduce energy costs by gaining control over how electrical current is distributed throughout your property.

Industrial Electrical Disconnect Switch Installation

Electrical problems in any facility can be a major problem but this is especially true for industrial locations where major equipment is used. An industrial disconnect switch can react to emergency situations, cutting off power supply to machines whenever an unexpected event occurs. An industrial electrician in Toronto from CSG at quickly and efficiently install this important switch to get your property up to code, protect your employees’ safety and protect your assets. Because disconnect switches give you an emergency shutoff to avoid damage from power surges and short circuits.

Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting

Flickering lights and malfunctioning electricity can mean big problems for your industrial property. These glitches could be signs or larger issues that could pose safety risks and the potential for property damage in the case of power surges and short circuits. When you hire CSG, an experienced industrial electrician in Toronto will be able to investigate the problem and troubleshoot quickly on both older and newer electrical components.

Complying with Local Building Codes

As an industrial property owner, one of the most common concerns is ensuring your property is up to code, safe for your employees and not at risk of being citing for a violation.  When you hire a licensed industrial electrician in Toronto from CSG, we can provide comprehensive assistance in getting your building up to code to meet the requirements set forth by your jurisdiction. Our team will ensure the safety of your employees and property as we work to repair problems, upgrade systems and do all that is necessary for your property to pass local electrical inspection guidelines.

Safe, Professional Industrial Electrician in Toronto

When choosing an industrial electrician, your focus is on safety and so is ours. At CSG, we understand the importance of proper electrical work in all properties but especially in large facilities where major equipment is used and often dozens of employees are working at any given time. CSG electricians are licensed and fully vetted before being incorporated into our team to give you the best service possible.

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