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Residential Electrician Toronto

Residential Electrician in Toronto services from CSGelectric offer professional, affordable and convenient solutions for your residential needs. Our licensed technicians provide a wide range of standard installation options, repairs and troubleshooting for homes, condominiums, apartments and other residential structures. No matter the size or severity of the job, our experienced team of electrical apprentices and craftsmen are here to ensure your home is bright and comfortable!

Our Residential Electrician Toronto Services

CSG offers a wide range of services to meet your needs for a residential electrician. Toronto customers can rely on us for all their electrical needs including:

Pot Light Installation

Pot lights, often referred to as recessed lighting, offer a range of benefits including optimal overhead lighting, energy efficiency, and space saving design. Because they are located overhead, they provide a soft ambient glow and do not take up floor space the way freestanding lamps do. Additionally, they can be used in rooms that have lower ceilings that are not suitable for chandelier style lighting. However, to get the maximum benefits from this lighting style you need a professional residential electrician. In Toronto, the CSGElectric team can install your pot lights quickly, efficiently and professionally with our trained technicians.

Aluminum Wiring Repair

Many older homes in Toronto were built with aluminum wiring and this can pose some problems both for malfunctioning electrical components and insurance. GSC residential electrician in Toronto can work with you to get your aluminum wiring up to code. With professional aluminum wiring fixes, you not only eliminate frustrating issues like flickering lights, blown fuses and other inconvenient electrical concerns, you also meet the requirements of your homeowners’ insurance – which often has restrictions on the insurability of homes with aluminum wiring.

Fuse Box to Breaker Upgrades

Fuse boxes pose several risk factors that make it imperative that older homes upgrade to a breaker. When replacing a fuse box, it is best to get a professional electrician in Toronto like GSC. Our team will bring your home’s electrical system up to code and provide you with all the benefits of a fuse box including reduced chances of an electrical fire, increased value of your home and elimination of the need to replace fuses constantly.

Electrical Panel Changes

When you need an electrical panel change, you need a professional electrician in Toronto. These jobs are often more complex and pose more dangers than most would expect. Because of this, it is always recommended that a licensed electrician replaces all panel types including main breaker panels and sub panels.

Repairs and More

At CSGelectric, we know that when you are searching for a residential electrician in Toronto, it is often because you need service quickly.  During stressful electrical repairs and other issues, our licensed team will work to ensure that your home is safe and interruption to your life is minimized.

Find Your Residential Electrician in Toronto

Known for our fast service, CSG offers a range of services, repair options and more for residential customers.  To learn more about our any of our services or to schedule a consultation, contact CSG at 416 893 9205.

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