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What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Maintenance Electrician?

When it comes to dealing with electrical maintenance, people usually contact licensed electricians. However, as time passes, maintenance of an electrical system will become a regular occurrence. Getting people to work on the electrical components will be required for any type of business to avoid stoppages on their daily operations. Familiarity with the specific electrical systems used by businesses is important to ensure efficiency in repairs and other maintenance work needed. This is why having a specific maintenance electrician handle the job is very important. People should also know that maintenance electricians need to be licensed to work in Ontario, Canada.

This article will discuss the qualifications needed for someone to become a certified maintenance electrician.

Qualifications Of Maintenance Electricians

Being an electrician is a profession that may not fit just anybody. With the risk these experts face when they do their jobs, they need to possess some qualities that may not be found in all individuals. These qualities and traits may be innate in a person or may have been learned or developed as the person was growing up. You may refer to the following list of some of the important qualifications that are needed by a person to become a maintenance electrician:


Physical and mental fitness

o   Maintenance electricians face all kinds of abuse with regards to their physical bodies and their mentality.

o   To become an electrician, a person needs a body that can take heavy pressure on their bodies. These people need to be able to handle the effects of crouching and bending for long periods of time. Electrical work requires the person to deal with electrical components that may be placed under floorings or fixtures. Also, there are times that the machinery and equipment that need to be checked or fixed is not tall enough for a person to work on them while standing. These require excellent leg strength from the person.

o   A person must also have the capability to lift heavy objects. There are many heavy electrical components that may need to be fixed or checked. An electrician must be able to lift and carry these objects during an inspection or repair.

o   When it comes to the mental fitness of a person, electricians may need to work on electrical components that are located high above the ground. Electricians must be able to attain a state of mind in which he is able to concentrate while also ensuring that he does not get scared from falling or getting into accidents while doing his job.

o   For electrical components situated in tight areas, electricians may need to squeeze their bodies into these areas to be able to inspect, repair, or replace the needed components. These people must not have any fear working in tight places, which makes it hard for people who have problems with claustrophobia.

o   Strong mental fitness is needed for electricians to work while facing the risk of accidents on a regular basis. Getting scared while doing their jobs can only cause further problems with the electrical system.

Getting the correct type of license

o   There are various types of licenses an electrician may get in Ontario, Canada.

o   For those electricians who may want to start working on residential-type jobs, they may train and apply for a regular license. Aspiring electricians must be sure with their decisions as they will be going into an apprenticeship program that will take at least 5 years before they receive their licenses.

o   Another type of license electricians may directly train and apply for is the 309A license. This is a compulsory license if an electrician wants to take on jobs in commercial or industrial settings. This also takes 5 years of apprenticeship before a license is given to the electrician.

o   There is a non-compulsory license that is focused more on some specific areas of industrial-related businesses. This is the 442A electrical license. Some companies may require electricians to have this license to be able to work for them. This is a license that may give electricians highly-specialized jobs. This type of job is known to pay more, which is a benefit for getting this type of license.

Excellent eye condition with a good hand-eye coordination

o   This qualification is very specific for an electrician. It is difficult for a person suffering from a disorder like color-blindness to become an electrician. There are wires inside machineries, equipment, and appliances that are color coded. With color-blindness, the person will not be able to identify the wire that needs to be checked just by looking at it. It may be dangerous if the person cuts the wrong colored wire since there is a possibility that by doing so some of the electrical components might suddenly fail or go into error.

o Having good hand-eye coordination is needed by electricians since there are tools and electrical components that come in small sizes. Most of the time, electricians need to think about a certain step or area within the electrical system while also making adjustments to these small-sized components. Being able to multitask while handling such components is necessary for the job to be done efficiently.

Ability to communicate well within a team

o   Considering that electricians may need to work as a group to inspect and fix complex electrical systems, each one of these individuals must be able to effectively communicate with one another.

o   Communication skills are very important for electricians since they will need to relay necessary information to their colleagues for them to do their jobs properly. This is very much needed when working with industrial-grade machines that may have various parts that need to be installed with the correct positioning or placement of the other parts. By giving instructions that can be easily understood by the other members of the team, the installation of the parts can be done efficiently.



o   Most electricians earn when their services are availed by customers. For this to happen, they may need to work for less pay while providing excellent service as they begin their careers. Electricians need to build their clientele and reputation as they begin their careers. Since customers are known to talk to their friends and colleagues, these people or businesses may refer an electrician to other customers if he was able to satisfy them. This will help increase the electrician’s clientele.

o   Flexibility also means that electricians may need to set aside their plans if there are urgent unplanned jobs given by customers. This may be true for electricians either working as freelancers or those employed by electrical contractors. Since electricians are part of the service industry, the number of jobs they get will determine how much they would earn.

Ability to interact well with clients

o   Other than interacting with other members of a team, electricians must also have the skills to interact well with their clients. It is normal for a client to ask questions when an electrician is in the middle of doing a job. During situations like this, electricians must be able to properly answer the inquiries by the customer while working on the job. If the electrician needs to put all of his focus on the job, then he should find a way to properly communicate this to the client without insulting or hurting the client’s feelings.

o   Honesty is very important when dealing with clients. Electricians must always make sure that they are transparent with their customers. Customers are known to keep availing of the services of people that they know they can trust. Even if there are things that customers may not like hearing about their current electrical system setup, you must keep them informed so that they can make their own preparations and plans on how they will go about having issues fixed. Customers appreciate it if electricians give them valuable information that may be useful to their electrical systems.

o   Repair work or installation of electrical components may not always lead to perfect results. There are times that customers may experience issues after the job has already been finished. When these customers call the electricians who performed the job to fix these issues, the concerned electricians must be ready to go back and apply the necessary fixes. This is important in the career growth of any electrician. This is a way for you to show your customers your dedication and integrity. This may lead them to give you more jobs in the future. There is also the possibility that they will introduce you to others who are in need of a reputable electrician.

It Takes A Lot To Become A Maintenance Electrician

As it can be seen with the qualifications needed by a person to become a maintenance electrician, this is a highly-skilled type of profession that is constantly dealing with risk. Working with electricity is never an easy job for any person. This why the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) of Ontario has imposed a law on jobs that deal with electricity and electrical components must be registered and fulfilled by licensed electricians within the province. It is very easy to make mistakes while installing and repairing electrical systems. Mistakes made can cause fire hazards that may become costly for the owner of the residence or business. This is why people must avoid thinking about hiring handymen over licensed electricians. It is not only illegal but may be life-threatening as well.

You may contact CSG Electric at 416 893 9205 if you are in need of licensed electricians to check, or perform maintenance on any electrical component or system within your property.

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certified maintenance electrician
What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Maintenance Electrician?